About Dahlia Design

Dahlia design was founded in Washington DC as a residential design firm in 1995


Award Winning Designer

Dahlia Design

Known for her unmistakable signature style of simplicity and elegance, Dahlia Mahmood has become an award-winning designer, nationally and internationally. As a woman of strong vision and proficiency, she works to create timeless interiors of only the best qualities. She breathlessly testifies the value of classic design with individual touches of luxury.

As an advocate of quality, every detail is perfected before she completes a project. She only demands the best of everyone working under her name. Dahlia’s passion for design became a career when she took on her first residential project at the early age of seventeen. Since then, she has built stunning architecture, landscapes, and interiors around the world.

“I work to bring beauty into people’s lives, and there is nothing more personal than a home.”

Our Company

Dahlia design was founded in Washington DC as a residential design firm in 1995. Since then, our firm has grown to include commercial projects, product design, and large-scale event design. Our team engages deeply with every aspect of a project, from interiors to architecture, and landscaping, because we believe that every detail should be clearly articulated and every concept, beautifully executed. All remodeling and construction is done within our professional team.

Our demand for excellence and dedication to quality has built a trust among high profile clients nationally and internationally. Our designs embody sophistication and innovation, reflected by our top-notch staff of craftsman and designers. We combine elegant forms of classic architecture with transitional elements to create simple yet glamorous interiors, enriching homes with comfort and a touch of luxury.