Dahlia Design Talks Color Palettes, Challenging Projects and Picking the Right Designer

By Allie Early | June 3, 2013

Has there been a specific project that challenged you more than others? If so, what have you taken away from that project that has shaped you most as a designer?

As a designer, I am very detail oriented and tend to be involved with every aspect of a project. Last year, I was pregnant with my second son and was forced to be on bed rest during the middle of an installation. For the first time I had to step back from a project and resist the impulses of a perfectionist. Although I was concerned, in the end, the project was completed beautifully. I learned that sometimes its okay to delegate, even from a hospital bed, and allow myself to take a break.

When a client wants to select a designer, there are often many options to choose from. What do you offer your clients that no one else can?

Designing a home becomes very personal and a good client-designer relationship requires chemistry. My work always consists of the best value, meaning that we don’t cut corners and every detail is carefully considered. I design toward simplicity and elegance, integrating the timeless qualities of classic design with contemporary sparks of interest.

If you had to pick one color scheme that has most inspired you this season, what would it be? Why did it inspire you? Have you had the opportunity to use it in your work?

This season I’ve been inspired by the soft pastels and vibrant, bold colors of spring, especially the corals. Most of my work consists of neutral tones and metallic accents; and shades of coral offer a pop of interest on a subtle color palette.

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